HOUSTON— Seacoat Technology, LLC introduces its SEA-SPEED V3 hard film foul release bottom paint to the commercial, military and pleasure craft marine markets.

SEA-SPEED V3 is the latest evolution in siloxane (silicone) based non-toxic coatings for underwater hulls. Over the past several years SEA-SPEED V1 & V2 have proven themselves ashighly durable and cost effective alternatives to soft silicone and toxic ablative and self polishing bottom paints.SeaCoatSEA-SPEED product line has been the product of choice for three years for the U.S. Navy MARK V Special Operations Craft used by Navy SEALS.SEA-SPEED was chosen for the new SURC (Riverinecraft) used by the United States Marine Corps.

SeaCoat Technology, LLC is focused on the development of high performance coatings that provide New Generation solutions. SeaCoat products deliver high-tech functionality that is not only economical and efficient, but also superior in terms of environmental and health qualities, meeting tomorrow’s environmental needs and performance requirements today in the marine, energy and waste water industries.

Seacoat has your bottom covered with enhanced performance for pleasure craft as well as commercial and cruise ships.