“SEA-SPEED is the next generation Sustainable & Efficient Hull Coating”  John Bowlin PHD, CEO, Seacoat SCT, LLC

Seacoat’s focus has always been sustainable solutions specifically Non-toxic and environmentally safe solutions as alternatives to conventional toxic antifouling for all types of ships.

Seacoat is a leader in the development of advanced coatings chemistry that enables vessel owners and operators to meet and exceed operational, Regulatory (EEXI and CII) as well as environmental compliance goals while imparting a positive impact  to our customer’s bottom line.

For all types of vessels. We deliver next-generation solutions.

The first & only hard film siloxane

SEA-SPEED delivers high-performance functionality that is not only economical and efficient, but also superior in terms of durability, environmental safety and health qualities. 

 SEA-SPEED V 10 X ULTRA is in a class of its own technically with an ULTRA smooth finish under 5 microns surface roughness and the ability to yield maximum fuel consumption savings and reduce GHG emissions


Leading edge technology

The background and expertise of Seacoat in Silicone-polysiloxane-Silane-Siloxane  chemistry provides the marine coating solutions of tomorrow – Now!

Mitigate Biofouling

SEA-SPEED also provides for the cost effective management of marine biofouling on ships without using toxins such as cuprous oxides or biocides found in toxic antifouling paint.

Protecting the envionment

Seacoat SCT, LLC meets tomorrow’s environmental needs and today’s performance requirements today in the marine, energy and waste water industries.

It’s the Clear choice as a Hull coating for any vessel such as container ships, tankers, Bulkers,cruise ships, Naval vessels. The technology enhances fuel and hull efficiency and promotes hull preservation.


     Technically and economically it is Hard to Beat !

Seacoat SCT


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