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Houston, August 2, 2018

Seacoat Technologies, LLC enters the Turkish market

Ova Marine Denizcilik Ltd. has been appointed as exclusive Turkish Distributor for Seacoat Technologies, LLC. Ova Marine has the products and technical service capabilities to deliver Seacoat’s solutions to the Turkish commercial shipping, military and pleasure boating industries.

Seacoat is a leader in the development of advanced siloxane and silane coating technologies / Solutions to the global maritime industry.

Seacoat developed the first and only hard film Siloxane foul release coatings. Since 2001 SCT has delivered high performance green technology alternatives to soft silicone coatings and TOXIC self-polishing or ablative antifouling paints. Sea-Speed V10X does not contain any biocides or metallic toxins and is the most sustainable solution for the environment.

It is the superior choice as a bottom paint for any vessel from commercial, military to all types sailing yachts or powerboats. The technology enhances fuel and hull efficiency (610%) and promotes hull preservation 3 – 4 times longer than conventional hull coatings.

Ova Marine Denizcilik Ltd., Suleymanbey Mah.

Kazim Gokmen Sokak, No: 3/39B Yalova 77100

Tel: +90 (533) 733 9416

Contact us at:


  • Dear Sir/Madam.
    I live in England. And I an very interested in your product after Watching the YouTube channel SV Delos.
    From that I have looked at your product. I would like to become a distributor of your antifouling product… could you please give me assistance in a start up package so that I can supply and apply this product. It looks amazing. Especially because it lasts so long. I’d like to promote and sell this product for you.

    Jack Aslett

    Burnham on Crouch.

    • Hi Jack, Seacoat will be in touch very soon to discuss having you distribute Seacoat.

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