HOUSTON— Seacoat Technology, LLC takes Siloxane technology to the next level in non-toxic marine coatings.

Seacoat introduced its SEA-SPEED V3 hard film Siloxane foul release coating in January 2005 with much success. SEA-SPEED V3 was christened and tested by Millennium Super Yachts, one of the leading designers and manufactures of luxury mega-yachts.

SEA-SPEED V3 positively impacted the performance of the M/Y “The World Is Not Enough.” In terms of additional speed and fuel economy.

SeaCoat Technology, LLC is focused on the development of high performance coatings that provide New Generation solutions. SeaCoat products deliver high-tech functionality that is not only economical and efficient, but also superior in terms of environmental and health qualities, meeting tomorrow’s environmental needs and performance requirements today in the Marine, Energy and waste water industries.

Whether you are trying to break a speed record or improve the bottom line by streamlining operating cost, Seacoat is the answer.