Hi John,

I’m so delighted with Sea Speed. She looks great. Even better we gained 1kt! Thanks for all your help.


Michael Bravoco – S/V La Flaca

        April 5, 2019







Seacoat Technology, LLC
Attn: Mr John R. Bowlin
Dear Mr. Bowlin

ln November 2016 we dry docked HSC Francisco to carry out scheduled maintenance and programmed repairs. This was the first dry dock of the vessel after the starboard bow damage repairs we carried out in March 2014 shortly after the vessel started operations in the River Plate.

During the 3 years of operation we did not notice any impact or decay in the ship’s performance. Both vessel speed vs turbine power and fuel consumption remained consistent from day one.
With the vessel in dry dock we could confirm that the underwater hull was in very good condition and did not need any repaint. The surface of the paint was smooth and the coat thickness was satisfactory.

The performance of the underwater hull paint has been remarkable; since HSC Francisco started commercial service in the River Plate , sailing the 110 nm route between Buenos Aires and Montevideo twice a day, the vessel has accumulated a sailed dlstance of over 360.000 nm at a service speed of 50 kn .

This is certainly a very good result for SeaCoat Speed-V and we expect that we will only have to do a re-paint in our next scheduled dry dock 2 years from now.
ln the mean time, I will keep you informed of any occurrence or finding.

Thank you for your support.

Kind regards,

Gerardo Babini
Technical Office

Los Cipreses S.A. – BUQUEBUS


“We recently used SEA-SPEED V5 as the antifouling to our 29 foot carbon fibre ocean rowing boat during a record attempting row across the Indian Ocean. We rowed 3,500 miles in 75 days and felt the difference a slippery hull made; the lack of growth on our bottom was amazing! When you are relying on manpower energy conservation is even more important! SEA-SPEED V5 definitely helped us in what were extremely unfavourable conditions and despite not breaking the record we became the 12th boat and 3rd fastest to ever row across the Indian Ocean. Alongside this we became the first crew to do it completely unsupported.”

James Kayll
Team Indian Ocean 3100


“Sea-Speed created quite a bit of interest here in Australia when we first applied it to our 24′ racing tri-maran. The surface cured hard and slippery, which is great on a racing boat, and I am sure this low coefficient of friction helped us win the Australian National Championships. The bonus was getting a surface that allowed me to leave the boat in the water between races and while cruising, without the slowness and ugliness of traditional antifouling. If any slime started to form in a few weeks, we simply wiped it off with a cloth!”


Peter Hackett


“I wanted to send you a quick note regarding my experience with your product, SEASPEED V3. I just had my refurbished 28 foot Cigarette high performance boat and since I keep my boat in the water at all times; I coated the bottom with SEA-SPEED V3.
As a yacht restoration company owner I am pleased to tell you that the boat has picked up two knots of speed and after four months in the water there is no sign of growth on the bottom. I am very pleased with the product and service and I will highly recommend this product to all boaters. Who would not want to increase the overall speed of their vessel and fight bottom growth? I am thankful I used your product.”

Dennis Fosterp
Foster’s Marine Group


“At Millennium Super Yachts we selected Sea Coat Technologies “Sea Speed” bottom coat to give us the lowest coefficient of drag for bottom paint on our 140 foot yacht, “The World Is Not Enough”, the world’s fastest luxury mega-yacht. Our results have been impressive. At the power settings used to achieve 40 knots in the past, we gained approximately 3 knots.This is a 7.5% increase in speed for the same power setting or we can pull back the throttles and run the same speed. My crew reported that the adhesion was great and that there are no problems after repeated 50 knot runs.”

John Schmiemann
Project Manager
Millennium Super Yachts


“As a professional yacht captain in the mega yacht industry I am always looking for new and improved products to better serve the owner. I have found a remarkable new product with SEACOAT TECHNOLOGY, LLC. Their product “Sea Speed” has increased my top speed and cruising speed by almost 10% each, producing a fuel saving of 11.5%. This adds up to allot of money saved and in the long run, a major decrease in engine wear and tear.
Not only does Sea – Speed produce amazing results, it is also completely safe and non toxic to the environment. With the I.M.O. (International Maritime Organization) cracking down on regular anti fouling paints and their environmental impact, Sea Speed paves the way of the future of bottom paints!
I would recommend SEACOAT TECHNOLOGY and SEA-SPEED to any one of my colleagues.
For certified SEA-SPEED sales and application as well as outstanding support and customer satisfaction in South Florida I recommend SS Diesel Marine Services, Inc.”
Shane Menere
Captain MCA Class 4
Motor Yacht Hakuna Matahta


Testimonial 03/12/2015
To: Seacoat Technology, LLC,
Just a quick message to let you know about Sea speed;

I sprayed my 40 cruising catamaran and my 11 feet rigid bottom inflatable with SeaSpeed back in august and launched both boats in September. We have travelled from upstate New York to the Gulf Coast of Florida over the last six months. We scrubbed our catamaran’s bottoms twice during this period and found it very easy to maintain. The growth is easily removed with a sponge or brush.
The product works great as a foul release coating without ablative or self polishing action or wear of the surface coating. The inflatable was never cleaned although it has been sitting in warm water for the past five weeks. The anti fouling properties of the Sea-Speed are excellent when the boat can travel at higher speeds. This stuff is by far the easiest bottom paint to maintain. I have ever used, if it lasts as long as claimed it will also become the least expensive option out there.
Thanks for a great product
Michael LePage
Captain Viva 1


Our 26′ boat was built by Boulton last year & launched in Craig, AK in May for the 2014 fishing season. Used daily & left in the salt water your paint has performed great & held up well. Our boat was the first time Boulton tried Seacoat paint & is now recommending it on every new boat.
John, thanks again for the advice & sending the paint.
Keith Jaeger
450 CR 332