SV Delos

“As a test we didn’t touch the bottom for about a month. We were anchored in some VERY high growth areas and didn’t move at all. There was a layer of slime and what looked to be the start of barnacles but it all came off very easy with a towel and occasional towel wrapped around a harder scraper.

We plan on giving it a light rub every few weeks or so. We also plan on using SeaCoat in conjunction with an Ultrasonic Transducer. Overall we are very happy with the paint and the environmentally friendly aspect of it! To top it all off we gained about a knot in speed!!

Brady Trautman – SV Delos “

Dennis Fosterp

“I wanted to send you a quick note regarding my experience with your product, SEASPEED V3. I just had my refurbished 28 foot Cigarette high performance boat and since I keep my boat in the water at all times; I coated the bottom with SEA-SPEED V3.

Shane Menere

“As a professional yacht captain in the mega yacht industry I am always looking for new and improved products to better serve the owner. I have found a remarkable new product with SEACOAT TECHNOLOGY, LLC. Their product “Sea Speed” has increased my top speed”

John Schmiemann

“At Millennium Super Yachts we selected Sea Coat Technologies “Sea Speed” bottom coat to give us the lowest coefficient of drag for bottom paint on our 140 foot yacht, “The World Is Not Enough”, the world’s fastest luxury mega-yacht. Our results have been impressive.