Seacoat’s SEA-SPEED V 10 X hard film polysiloxane (Silicone) FRC technology is an environmentally safe alternative to traditional toxic antifouling paint. Unlike conventional TOXIC boat bottom paint or soft silicone bottom paint, SEA-SPEED V 10 X can be scrubbed without damaging the coating or releasing toxic cuprous oxides or biocides into the water. It will last 3 to 5 times longer than conventional bottom paint and provide an ultra smooth fuel efficient hull coating. Burning less fuel reduces the overall emissions and carbon footprint of every vessel in your fleet. The low coefficient of friction and low surface energy resultsgreater hull efficiency. The SEA-SPEED V 10 X also is extremely smooth with a very low surface roughness of 2.20 – 10 microns. See testing certification section for more details.Depending on the vessel design, increases in speed and fuel savings up to ten (10%) percent may be realized compared to antifouling paints.
SEA-SPEED V 10 X applied over our MIL – SPEC epoxy, Seapoxy 73 makes bottom painting simple and cost effective. The system is designed for ease of application to steel or aluminum hulls on all types cruise vessels, cruise ships and ferries. Seacoat’s proprietary technology forms a hard yet flexible elastomeric coating that is impermeable and highly durable (resistant to abrasion and impact). The coating is inherently NON- STICK and aids in minimizing bio fouling.