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SEA-SPEED® V 10 X, The ultimate in hull coating technology, SEA-SPEED® V 10 X is the newest evolution of our technology that has an excellent service record in commercial, military and pleasure craft applications since 2001.  SEA-SPEED is designed to combine the best of the three traditional types of underwater hull coatings into one.  The V 10 X incorporates the proprietary technology (VMT).  This technology eliminates the need for toxic materials such as Cuprous oxides and biocides.  It enables the valence of the coating to change in the presence of water flowing over the coating surface thereby making the  surface less attractive for biofilm.  The " V 10 X " is a true GREEN alternative to standard TOXIC self-polishing or ablative antifouling paints. Itdoes not deplete, ablate or leach, therefore providing a 10 year warranted coating system. » COMMERCIAL USERS - SEE SLIDE SHOW

  • Cost per square foot/meter less than or equal to conventional SPC/ablative AF paints
  • Toxic AF performance while being “GREEN”
  • Foul release of soft duplex silicones
  • Reduced drag / Fuel savings of between 6.5% - 10%
  • Durability and easy clean of hard coatings
  • 10 year warranty


SEA-SPEED V5-VMT is a non-toxic hard film hard film Fluorinated Siloxane Foul Release Coating. In addition to it inherent capability to reduce drag and improve speed/fuel economy with a tough and durable finish, the new V5 incorporates new proprietary electrochemical mechanism that enables the valence of the coating to change in the presence of water flowing over the coating surface. Based on actual vessel tests and static testing the coating minimizes upwards of 95% of fouling from slime, algae, grass and organisms. The “V5″ is a true GREEN alternative to standard TOXIC self polishing or ablative antifouling paints. The end game is that the vessel owner gets a clean hull with similar performance of a top of the line antifouling while staying environmentally compliant and benefits from reduced fuel consumption.

Mark V Application Guide
Application Guide for Steel & Aluminum
Application Guide for FRP Hulls

SEAPOXY 85 is a High Solids, HAPs Free, two component epoxy primer designed for use in marine environments to protect steel and other non-ferrous metal substrates from corrosion. It is also applicable on gel-coat, fiberglass and wood substrates. This product has excellent adhesion forms a tough, durable, anti-corrosive film at ambient temperatures as low as 40°F (+5°C). This epoxy primer is specifically formulated to allow unlimited re-coat interval with itself and without the need to abrasive blast the surface. It is specially designed to be used in conjunction with SEA-SPEED V5 Hard Film Siloxane Fluorpolymer Foul Release Coating.


Do It Yourself: SEA-SPEED V5-DIY is owner capable applied version of the SEA-SPEED V5- VMT used in large commercial shipyards. It is formulated with a lower solids content so that it can be sprayed with a small airless spray pump commonly available for sale or rental. A 3000 PSI airless pump  with .415 or .515 tips will enable a smooth and trouble free application.


Tank Linings:

NOVA – SIL is a polysiloxane modified two component novolac epoxy. Designed as a high performance tank lining, it is ideal for marine service in cargo tanks, cargo holds, Bio-reactor systems as well as gray and black water applications. NOVA-SIL requires a plural component high pressure airless pump to be applied. It is DTM (Direct to Metal) capable and has high film build and edge retention characteristics.


Wood: Teak and Marine Millwork

Nautique Seal - The ultimate marine varnish for yachts and sailboats to protect teak and all types of wood exposed to sunlight and salt. The silane chemistry is not susceptible to degradation of alkyd or urethane products.


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