The Next Wave of Silicone Coating Seacoat Technology delivers high performance Silicone and Silane paint and coating technology to the marine industry. Non toxic and environmentally safe solutions for bottom painting as alternatives to conventional toxic antifouling . Seacoat is a leader in the development of advanced Silicone Foul release coatings (FRC) for all types of vessels. We deliver next generation solutions . . . More


  • 8-10 year life
  • Highly Durable
  • Fuel Savings
  • Increased Speed
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  • Low Drag / Ultra Smooth
  • Non Depleting / Non Polishing
  • Environmentally Safe
  • Low VOC's
Pleasure Craft Military Craft
SEA-SPEED is perfect for aluminum boats, FRP, gel coat and or wooden hulls on sailboats, sailing yachts, sport fishing boats and megayachts of all sizes. Seacoat’s unique technology forms a hard yet flexible elastomeric coating that is impermeable and highly durable. Properly applied, SEA-SPEED has the lowest surface roughness in the industry. Now, boat bottom painting will pay for itself. The low coefficient of friction and surface energy yield a reduction in drag. Increases in speed and fuel savings have been reported ranging between 3% to over 10 %. It is ideal as an aluminum boat paint as it does not contain cuprous oxides ... [Read More...] The US Navy has used SEA-SPEED since 2001. It was ideally suited as a paint for aluminum boat, particularly Special operations (SOC) type vessels
that are very high speed and used in extreme conditions. It can be applied to steel or aluminum hulls on all types of Military craft. The SEA-SPEED marine bottom paint forms a hard yet flexible elastomeric coating that can be applied direct to metal as an aluminum boat paint or over our marine epoxy.
Our SEAPOXY 85, Marine Epoxy paint was developed to work in conjunction with the flexible silicone foul release paint topcoat. Applying Boat Bottom Paint has become easier and more cost efficient ... [Read More...]

Commercial Marine Cruise Ship
SEA-SPEED V5 hard film (siloxane), silicone foul release paint along with our specified Seapoxy 85 marine epoxy primer is designed for application to steel or aluminum hulls on all types of commercial vessels, including Container ships, bulkers, Ro-Ro vessels, Oil tankers and product tankers as well as ferries. Seacoat’s SEA-SPEED is an ideal alternative to soft duplex silicone foul release coatings or Traditional TOXIC ablative antifouling or SPC antifouling paint. Boat bottom paints of the future will need to environmentally compliant and contribute to increased hull efficiency ... [Read More...] Seacoat’s SEA-SPEED, polysiloxane fluoro-polymer (Silicone) technology is an environmentally safe alternative to traditional antifouling paint. It will last much longer than old bottom painting products and provide an ultra smooth fuel efficient hull coating. Unlike conventional TOXIC boat bottom paint or soft silicone bottom paint, SEA-SPEED V5 can be scrubbed without damaging the coating or releasing toxic cuprous oxides or biocides into the water. It can be used on ferries and cruise ships of all sizes. SEA-SPEED V5 applied over our marine epoxy, Seapoxy 85 makes ... [Read More...]